Tuesday, August 18, 2009

envy hair

i apologize in advance for any issues with punctuation. i'm mobile at the moment. also for taking so long...stuff has been crazy. back on track now tho.

so my hair is getting longer. i would say that i could be bra strap by january. i'm definitely apl at this point. and i love it. what i don't love is people touching and pulling at my hair without asking. annoying!!! lol. but i just try to be be polite and let it go.

i've been doing french braids at night. one right down the middle. and i still do my buns. i only have i down for a little bit at a time. i recently relaxed too. and i'm maintaining my silky. my pics are on keepitsimple. i would post them here but my computer crashed.

that's all for now i guess. i'll try to update more often.