Saturday, December 15, 2012

Too Faced Reviews

A few weeks back I had a post up of some items I'd purchased at Sephora.  One item was the Too Faced Beauty Editor Darlings.  It's a set that includes deluxe sample sizes of some the most popular items offered by the brand.  This is my review of those item.  To get the proper name of the items click the link HERE.

Mascara:  I love it.  The brush is probably the reason that I love this mascara.  The way that it's made is awesome.  It actually separates the lashes while holding enough product to distribute the product evenly.  The mascara itself coated pretty well.  I love voluminous lashes that aren't caked up, and this happened for me after giving this a try.  I think the only thing that would hold me back from buying a full sized version is the price.  I use lots of mascara.

Shadow Insurance:  There is nothing more important than keeping eyeshadow from creasing.  The hype behind this product is worth it.  Just a little bit goes a long way.  Not only did it help my shadow stay on, but it held my eyeliner just a well.  I would pay the price for this just for being able to maintain my eyeliner that has a tendency to slide around. :)

Lipgloss:  I don't necessarily need a lip plumping gloss because my lips are naturally full.  I will say with this lip gloss, the coverage was nice and it made my lips feel soft and supple.  Also, the plump sensation was painless.  It was more of a slight tingle.  This one has been in my purse and used everyday since I tried it.  It's highly likely that I'll purchase this in the future.

Lip Insurance:  This is a product that I didn't know much, but I'm glad I do now.  The problem I've had with lip gloss and lip stick is that it runs all over the place, the color fades, and I have to reapply several times a day.  This helps that problem and will actually keep the lips from drying out.  It's a keeper.

Face Primer:  The texture is similar to other primers I've used.  It's like a cross between powder a lotion.  It's hard to describe.  At any rate it smooths on nicely.  It also doubles as a perfecting cream.  It makes the pores appear smaller and you can use it alone.  I do like this product a lot because I can use it in the place of a tinted moisturizer or BB cream.  It makes my skin feel good.  I would consider buying this in the future.

I hope this review was beneficial.  Maybe you will enjoy these products as much as I have.  I also hope that the message of trying before committing  is very clear.  LOL.  I would hate to be stuff with a full sized product that I don't like.  :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

When You Lose Those You Love

I didn't get the chance to share this last week.  I don't know if it was because of shock, disbelief, or wanting to avoid the inevitable.  But there was a significant loss in my life.  She was an 11 year old girl in my neighborhood that just so happened to be one of my best friend's niece.  She had been sick for some time, but I guess it didn't sink in until I saw her just before her passing and the day of her services.

This little gem of a person was my friend.  Went spent many hours having great conversation and just enjoying the company of one another.  I've met many children and have a child of my own.  But there was something about her that was different.  She seemed so mature for her age and always had a smile on her face when I saw her.  I can close my eyes now and see her face.  She had big blues.  She was so beautiful.  I  just loved her to pieces.  I still do.

Last week, on Saturday morning, I got a phone call at 7 in the morning from my friend.  I knew when I saw her number appear on the screen that the time all of us hoped wouldn't come had.  My little friend had passed away.  Her battle with cancer had ended.  The lights had gone down and the little sparkle that was her had faded.  I took in the news and just sat there dumbfounded.

Just a few days before she had passed, I'd walked over to her house just to peek in to see how she was doing.  That day she was too weak for visitors, but I stood in the doorway talking to her mother just peering through the door at her.  A moment or so later, she opened her eyes turned her face in my direction and smiled at me.  It was the most precious thing because I knew how much pain she was in and how difficult it was to perform that small task.  As happy as I was to see those blue eyes again, I knew that would be the last time.

Dying and witnessing death is multifaceted.  Everybody grieves in different ways.  Here I was thinking that I was at peace with her passing because I didn't want to see her in pain anymore.  And before then there was the false hope that she would get better when it was clear that the hour was upon her.  The week leading up to her memorial I was convinced that I was okay.  I was "glad" that she was in heaven, smiling down and free from disease.  But a corner of me had been suppressing what I was really thinking.  Last night I unraveled completely and fell apart.

In my heart, I was angry.  The frustration over being helpless to a child in need had eaten away at me.  I wanted her to live because I knew what this angel had to offer this world that we live in.  I saw the little bits of life that she had left in her, and I just wanted her to try to hold on to it.  But then I came face to face with reality.  Cancer had devoured that life.  She just couldn't fight anymore.  There was nothing more she could give.

Then I began to think of how selfish I was.  Here she was at a crossroad of Heaven and Earth.  Silly me wanted her to come back to the physical realm and be here.  But I think that anybody who was at that point would choose the welcoming and peaceful realm of Heaven and its angels over the demented and sad existence that we call life.  Especially if that person had been arm wrestling a disease that had already taken so much from them.  How could I do such a thing by asking her frail body to cling to this world when she was going to be free from suffering, finally?

I'm not posting this because I'm looking for sympathy or anything like that.  I'm just venting because it's what seems natural.  Also, being that it is holiday time, I want to remind everyone to realize how precious life is.  Hug those you love and tell them that you love them.  Tomorrow isn't promised.  This life that we live is short.  In eternity, it may as well be nonexistent.  The point it is cherish those who cherish you.  Spread love.

Rest in peace my dear friend.  Hopefully one day I will be as lucky as you and walk in eternal peace.  In other words, I hope I go to Heaven to be with the Heaven Father too.  I miss you and I will never forget the love and happiness you brought to my life.  You were and always will be special and beautiful to me.