Friday, June 26, 2009

Remembering Michael Jackson: The End of an Era

Why Michael? Of all the people in the world, why him? Why not? Is it real? What happened? When will there be answers? Who is responsible? I keep running these questions over and over again in my head. And it doesn't get any easier. But reality is setting in. And the fact of the matter is that the greatest performer of all time, and a true cultural icon is gone forever. But luckily, he leaves us a wonderful collection of music that will continue to influence the coming generations.

There will never be another Michael Jackson. People, we are witnessing the end of an era. This is it for the world of music for a long time. I don't know of anybody that is big enough or dedicated enough to fill those glittering black shoes. Who harnesses a level of popularity and the ability to bring together the masses in the way that he did? Who has that cross-generational touch capturing hearts in all corners of the world? Who can sell out a show with one million viewers total in just hours? No one. Music just died today. And there is no revival on the horizon.

It's a cold, black day in societal hell when someone of this caliber is removed from this life to enter into one so complex and far away from the rest of us that are living. None of us can begin to contemplate our own deaths. And for people like Michael Jackson that seem immortal or invincible to the world, it's even more difficult to fathom. On some levels, it doesn't make sense. But what we all witnessed June 25th was the vulnerability of the human body. We are not invincible. No amount of money can remove that expiration date attached to us.

I, myself have been immersed in the deepest, darkest crevices of my own mind exploring the possibility of a closer expiration date for myself. It's scary and depressing, but we all have thought about it. How will we go? Will it hurt? What is death like? And when this immortal being that was Michael Jackson took off the flesh, I'm sure it stirred up the emotions and played upon the darkest fears of the millions that have followed his career spanning 3 decades plus.

For a man that did so much, I think that society did him a great disservice many times. And now that he's gone, people call him a hero and a great. But the same people made his time and dwelling on this Earth a nightmare, forcing him into isolation, depression, and a reclusive solitude. This man was robbed on so many levels. But he kept giving right on up until the end. And my heart is broken. I'm not one that usually collapses and cries over celebrity deaths. But for a person who was so gifted, a true genius, with so much to offer all of us with his talents, it hurt to lose him. Eventually we will all be able to put the piece together again and move on. Earth will spin again. But it will be one person short. And he will not go unnoticed.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Confessions of a Product Junkie

Ok. So I stopped by CVS last night on my way home form Bible study. I was just going to get my aloe vera gel and be on my way. But then I passed by the hair aisle. It wasn't that bad though. I only got two more items. I got the Sc√ľnci Smooth and Straighten Paddle Brush and Hollywood Beauty Carrot Oil. I couldn't resist. I needed the brush to detangle. And I had been wanting to try the oil for quite awhile now.

The brush is quite amazing. I didn't realize just how tangled my hair was until I used it last night. And it got all the tangles out. I shed some, but that was expected. It's not like I would use this brush everyday. As a matter of fact, I will probably use it in the shower from now on only when I have conditioner on my hair. That way I'm good to go. And my hair will stay nice and healthy.

The oil is supposed to help with split ends. And with summer just around the corner, I want to do all that I can to keep my ends protected. I may even do hot oil treatments. I don't know. But I sealed with the carrot oil last night. And it seems like a nice sealing oil already. My ends are nice and smooth. Last night, I did two french braids and covered my hair with a satin scarf. It worked out quite well. So I guess I will see what happens from here.

I would like to add just one more thing. I love the Dabur Amla Gold. My hair is so shiny! It's like mirror shine. It could be a combination of products. But I'm quite sure that the amla gold is doing it for me. I've been oiling my scalp with it every other day. And it's certainly to my benefit. My hair is gorgeous. I can't stop touching it and looking at it in the mirror.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Item Came In the Mail!

My Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil came in the mail yesterday! I'm so excited. I just love amla oil. But this stuff here has a few extra things like almond and henna. Yummy stuff for the hair. I like this oil too because unlike the regular amla oil, it's not pungent. It has what I would describe as a gentle fresh scent. It's different but really pleasant.

I just couldn't wait to get the stuff in my hair. So I pulled it out and decided to oil my scalp and my ends. Then I took my boar bristle brush and smoothed my hair. Lots of people are afraid of their brushes, but when I oil my scalp it helps to distribute the oil and make my hair soft and shiny. After that I braided my hair in plaits, pinned them back, and then I put on a plastic cap for a good two hours. All I can say is wow. My hair was so soft and glossy. And that smell was so sweet to me. I love it. I'm glad I got the hugest bottle I could find.

I'm thinking of skipping any kind of washing of my hair until Monday. I want to give the oil time to really sink down into my scalp and hair follicles. Plus, I've been co-washing it a lot. So I want to give it a break. But I must clarify soon. I think I'll do a pre poo with the amla and VO5. And then I'll clarify. That's should be cool. I may even add the amla gold to my deep conditioner. Or I could just put it on my wey hair....I'm not sure yet. But I know one thing. It will be a part of my regimen. I just couldn't believe it! An hour and a half and my hair was happy from a scalp oiling with the amla gold. It's awesomeness. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Back with New Stuff!!!

Ladies, let me tell you. I have been getting my product junkie on. And my oh my doesn't it feel nice! Where do I begin?.. Oh yes. I got some of that Dove Intense Damage Therapy conditioner. And I just love it. it makes my hair so soft. It makes detangling a breeze. My hair is shinier and feels so silky. I just love it. As an added bonus, my hair seems to get some good volume from this. Did I mention it smells really nice?The next item is my Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Leave-In. Oh my goodness. I should have bought this a long time ago. The first time I tried it, I knew I'd done something so right for my hair. It made it shiny, soft, easy to comb through, smell nice, and all that good stuff. And it's so rich and creamy. I just love it. See, if I had never been a member on Keep it Simple Sista, I would never have an idea to try all these different products. The price I pay for being a product junkie is well worth it from all the support, friends, and excellent hair tips I've gained.

You thought that was all huh? But no no no... I have more. I got my third Neutorgena Triple moisture product. I got the deep recovery hair mask. And I used it as my deep conditioner. I couldn't be any happier. It's this thick creamy stuff that just makes my hair gorgeous. I put it on and my hair just loved it. It was so silky and smooth. And I could comb through my hair with such ease. And again, that smell was sooooo nice. This is another winner. And I'm looking to make it my permanent deep conditioner for the summer.

Oh, there is more in the works. I ordered Dabur Amla Gold. I've been needing to order more amla oil, but this time I wanted to go big. So I got the hugest bottle I could find. And I got the premium kind. I'm quite confident in what it can do for my hair. I like the Dabur brand. I'm excited. It should be here by the end of the week I hope so I can snap photos of it.

Now I'm on my way to to pick up a few things I guess. I've been curious about their products and heard so many great things. So while I'm still not broke, I'm gonna jet on over there. Much love everyone. I'll be back with more reviews. HHG!!! :)