Saturday, January 30, 2010

GirlPROPS and Fabuless

I recently ordered and received my items from and I couldn't be happier. The quality of everything is great. And I got some pretty sweet deals. I will likely be placing another order soon. Here's a pic of what I got for myself. There was more, but they were for my "sis" and my cousin.If you have any questions about specific items, let me know. I'll be glad to answer. And I encourage everyone to have a look at those sites.

I'm in the middle of a deep condition after finally relaxing. That's another process all in itself. I will not forget to put up pics. It's been a crazy week, and it will be getting a lot crazier. LOL.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Ok. All my Ebay items are in. Here's the pic and description.
Left to right: NYX Glitter Mania in "Hot Gold", Milani eyeshadow quad in "Denim Blues", and Profound Eyeshadow Shimmer and Body Glitter (greens with blue glitter)

I've been buying so much lately that I can't keep up. And believe it or not, I'm still not relaxed. My internship is keeping me quite busy as well. (Shout out to the Wyandotte County Sheriff's Department Juvenile Detention Center) I will try to get some more updates. I have more stuff coming in from Cherry Culture. Super exciting. And I will definitely be relaxing this weekend. The snow has fallen and I'm not going anywhere. LOL. HHG and happy beauty.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

So Disappointed!

There are a few things irritating me today. I am no longer putting up a reminder for the NYX Cosmtices sale. The shipping for 15 dollars worth of items was 11.80. So I just decided to skip on the sale. That is ridiculous. I could see if it was for international shipping, but I'm definitely in the U.S. So I'm outraged. Thankfully, is having a huge sale on selected items. I only paid 5.95 for the shipping. And if you buy 40 dollars worth of items, then the shipping is free. Did I mention that they carry NYX Cosmetics and had a ton of their items on sale?

I'm still waiting for my replacement item to come in the mail from that ebay seller. And until I get it, I can't post a pic of the other items I got on ebay. It's just one of those things I guess. But perhaps I should have waited to give positive feedback for the seller. I was being nice when I did it. But that's just the way it is sometimes. I don't know.

To top off all that, I had a tuberculosis scare. I have to get a tb skin test for my internship because I would be working in close quarters at a juvenile detention center. And my test read positive. I wasn't positive, but I had an allergic reaction to the injection. So I went to the hospital and had to get chest x-rays just so that I could return to my internship. But I lost a few hours because of that. And I learned that from now on, I will have to have a chest x-ray everytime I have a tb test because of my allergy to the injection. Grrr! Annoying!

Again, there is a bright side to every gloomy story. I ordered from and So I'll have a little haul blog about that. I got a few items for my friend and cousin because I promised that I would get them some neat stuff when I was ready to order. So yeah. We'll all be happy because I'm a shopaholic. LOL.

I'm finally going to attempting relaxing my hair very shortly. I just have to get the little one off to sleep and get this homework completed. And then I'm home free. Wish me luck everybody. Have a blesses rest of the weekend and a fabulous week. I'll try to get up pics of the relaxing results by Monday. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Family Dollar Good Finds


As I'm waiting for my items to arrive in the mail, I sneaked a few more things into my collection. But I got them on the cheap so it's all good. I went to Family Dollar. And they carry the L.A. Colors line. I got a few things. But my absolute favorite is the metallic eyeshadow. It's pigmented very well. I was super impressed. I'm gonna post a pic of my little haul.

I got some nail polish as well. I'm obsessed with my overall beauty, so I will paint my nails in the middle of the night and sleep pretty. It works out well because I'm not a wild sleeper. But yeah...L.A. Colors also had some fabulous shades. So I picked up two. It was just a bunch of stuff. But anyway, here's the pic. I'm tired of rambling. LOL.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

No Relaxer...Yet


I still haven't relaxed my hair. I've had enough time and energy to do so, but something in me hasn't gotten me there yet. But I have this interview on Tuesday, and I really want to look my best. So there is a chance that I may do it in the next day or two. It may seem shallow and all, but the reality is that the perfect hair style they look for is more or less the key to getting hired. Sad but true.

I plan to do a clarifying wash first. And I still have some porosity control conditioner that I'll use with my relaxer. That way I can be totally prepared. And I'm going heavy duty on the deep conditioner too. I'm maybe going to mix in a few oils just for added shine, softness, and protection. It's gonna be gorgeous. No worries for me right now on that front.

I got two products in the mail this week, but one more of them is still floating around out there. So I will wait to post a pic. Also, I forgot to include a pic of the glittering, purple nail polish that I got at Wal-Mart the other day. So I'll be sure to include it in the next pic.

That's all for now I guess. HHG!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

NYX Cosmetics HUGE SALE!!!

Ladies, there is a huge sale over at the NYX Cosmetics website. It's a 1 DOLLAR SALE. That's right. They have a huge selection of makeup going for just a single dollar. This offer is good until JANUARY 25th! Head over and get in on this great deal. I will post the link below. Just click and go! :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


My Sephora stuff came in. And I'm so relieved. The eyeshadows are two different colors thank goodness. LOL. I won't ramble. Here's a pic and descriptionTop row from the left: Sephora Colorful Strass Mono Eyeshadow "No. 05", Sephora Colorful Pearl Mono Eyeshadow in "No. 4), Sephora Blush Me! Mono Blush in "Meringue Jalouse", Aquolina Pink Sugar eau de toilette Natural Spray (1 oz.)

Bottom row from the left (free samples): Couture Couture by Juicy Couture eau de parfum, Couture Couture by Juicy Couture Scented Powder, Kim Kardashian eau de parfum spray.

Just so you know, I checked the eyeshadow. It's super pigmented. I love it. And the blush is gorgeous. Just that perfect hint of shimmer makes it real for me. And my spray is amazing. It smells like pure candy. And since I'm on a diet, it suits the need and pleases my senses. :)

I'll be back with more updates as things arrive.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hooray Wal-Mart

I picked up a few items from Wal-Mart. I'll post a pic and description. Also, my package from Sephora will be arriving tomorrow (or today). Also, I'm going to be relaxing my hair and putting up pics of the results. (I know I was saying that I wanted to try to transition, but now is not my time. I'm too busy to even try that.)Umm... LOL. The items coming in from Ebay are going to be coming in randomly. But I will be sure to post pics and updates for all of those.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Here's the pic and items' descriptions
From the left: Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer, Bonnebell LipLites in "Cherry Berry Kiss", (top) NYC. Sparkle Eye Dust in "Pink Champagne", NYC. Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder in "Translucent", Biore Deep Pore Cleansing Strips

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beauty Haul!

Today was splendid. Despite the cold, it wasn't as cold as it has been. The sun even came out to play. And after weeks of being cooped up in this house. I was out. Class on campus first. And then I hit up Sally's. Here's what I got:
Back row: Just For Me relaxer (super), Orly French Manicure set
Front row: Orly Ridgefiller Basecoat, Orly Nail Lacquer in "Shining Star" (which may be discontinued because it was reduced), Nina Ultra Pro Nail Lacquer in "Powder Puff", Femme Couture Mineral Effects Baked Eye Colour in "Aruba Blue"

My next stop was the Dollar Tree. (Yes. That place where everything is literally a dollar. And the products there vary. But I will try my best to list the products in case anybody wants to Google them or look them up on Ebay. Here's the photo. And the information is below.

From the Left: Maybelline New York Forever Metallics Lip color in "Shell Shimmer" and "Ginger Spice", Cover Girl EyeSlicks gel eye color in "Silver Breeze" and "Neon Pink", Cover Girl Mulitplying Mascara in "Black Brown", Maybelline New York Line Stylist Lip Liner in "Pink 110", L.A. Colors Pressed Powder in "Tan" (black compact), L.A. Colors 3 For Me Eyeshadow Lipgloss and Glitter Gloss in "Pink", L.A. Colors Liquid Eyeliner in "Black/Brown", L.A. Colors All-N-One Makeup Stick in "Pink Satin", L.A. Colors Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Lipstick in "Lilac Frost"

One other item I got at the Dollar Tree was a storage container for my nail polishes. They are supposed to be stored upright. And the height of the box allows this to be possible. Here's a pic of that too:I have some other items coming in the mail this week. So stay tuned for updates! :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blame it on the Cabin Fever

I live in the Midwest. And right now, it's blistering cold, snow buildup of over a foot, and so getting out there is not an option. So right now, I'm suffering from major cabin fever. And mind you, I have a four year old who is getting restless with the weather as well.

When the weather gets like this, the only thing I can do is shop, from home that is. LOL. So that's what I did yesterday. I went to and got a few more items. I got a blush, two eyeshadows, and this perfume that I've been wanting since I got the sample from my last order. I did make a bit of a mistake though. I got the eyeshadows in similar colors. But one is more pearl like and the other one has more of a glittering effect. I will be sure to post pics when the stuff arrives.

I was ebay last night as well. And I got a blue shadow quad, and a loose gold eyeshadow powder. I want some Bourjois Paris blush. And so I may get that today. Again, I will put up pics as soon as they arrive.

This weather is not working for my hair. It's too dry. I'm gonna have to revamp my regimen, and soon. I'll be back with an update later. Now I will go watch The Breakfast Club! LOL

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beauty and Stocks - A Must Read

Think about the amount of money that you spend in a single year on beauty products. They can be for the hair, nails, skin...Whatever it is, just give yourself a ballpark figure of what you spend. Frightening, huh? Well, it is for myself. And the story is the same for lots of ladies. It's not something to be angry about because it's inevitable. Beauty is just a part of society that you can't get around. Unfortunately, we are a superficial nation. But it's the American way and I am not ashamed. LOL

For a few years, I've been watching the stock market rise and fall and crash. It's been a serious roller coaster ride. However, there certain companies that seemed to be doing pretty well despite the recession. Want to guess whom? That's right! The cosmetics and beauty industry. With affordable brands sold in all parts of the world, and the emphasis on the importance of beauty, they seem to be thriving. Some companies are not companies at all even. But they fall under the umbrella of a company that sells a particular brand. For instance, Pantene is a brand that operates under the Procter&Gamble company.

Here is my idea. I think that it's only fair that if we are going to buy products from these companies that we should invest. It's not only a means of getting some of what you will spend over the years back, but at the same time you are insuring a better future for yourself and family. It's just an idea I was throwing around.

Here is a list of the companies I've been looking at and their ticker symbols. If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments and check back for answers.

Sally Beauty Holding - SBH
Ulta Salons and Cosmetics - ULTA
L'Oreal - OR
Revlon - REV
LVMH (owns Sephora and several other luxury brands-French) - MC
Estee Lauder (not doing well at this point in time, but long standing) - EL
Beauty Brands - BBGR
Wal-Mart - WMT
Walgreens - WAG
Church&Dwight Co. Inc. (Sally Hansen, Arm&Hammer, and other brands)- CHD
Procter&Gamble (Pantene, Always sanitary need, and many other brands) - PG
Kimberly Clark Corp. (Huggies diapers, personal care products) - KMB
Colgate-Palmolive Co. (toothpaste, soaps, and a slew of personal care items) - CL
Dollar General - DL

This is just the list of companies that I was looking at. You may have more or a different list. But please, give me feedback on this subject. I want to see what everybody else thinks about this post.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Video All Women Should See

I love the rush I get when I buy anything. When I feel like my money has been well spent, I have a good feeling inside. But when I know that I've spent too much, I have a searing pain in my gut. And then there comes the buyers' remorse.

My love of makeup especially has had me open my eyes to my ideal budget and what I've actually been spending. I used to suffer from the whole "price=quality" complex. And that isn't always true. There are a lot of products in the drug store that are comparable to those at the makeup counter and department stores. There is no reason to spend a small fortune on cosmetics. There are steps you can take to prevent yourself from being a victim of the same complex I had.

1: PRIME YOUR FACE: The reason that many of us don't get the color and definition we crave is because we aren't priming the face. The color and product is seeping into the pores instead of laying on top of the skin. Thus the color fades. Not to mention, the sweating and running of the makeup from not wearing the primer has the same affect.
  • One primer for the eye area that I highly recommend (even though it's a bit pricey) is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.
2: FIND ONLINE REVIEWS: Everybody's experience with makeup is different. But getting a general idea of the effectiveness of items that you wish to purchase for the low could save you time and disappointment. Research is always a good way to go (and that applies to anything).
  • Try going to the websites of drug stores like Walgreens who have areas where you can post reviews online.
3. DON'T BUY LARGE AMOUNTS: This is a mistake that many of us make. We get excited and buy in bulk. And then you end up with a large collection, sometimes, with stuff you don't like or doesn't work for you. So take your time and consider your budget seriously. Just because the items are inexpensive doesn't mean you aren't losing money.

4. IF YOU MUST BUST THE BANK... Purchase quality brushes so that application will be smooth and flawless. They last longer than some cheaper, lower quality brushes. Or invest in something like a good moisturizer/primer, or skin care regimen. These items last for a long period of time and are necessary for a good regimen for those that regularly wear makeup.