Monday, October 24, 2011

I've Got the Blues

I love painting my nails. However, my busy schedule has prevented me from keeping them in my usual manner. And by usual manner, I mean rhinestones, glitter, and all things blingy. :) But I finally got my chance last week and snapped a quick pick.

I was inspired by a color I saw at Sephora that was only a shade lighter than the color used here. Same brand that I had at home actually. LOL. It put me in the mood for a sophisticated blue. And I must say that I'm delighted with results.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Birthday Goodies

One of my birthday gifts this year as it pertains to the pursuit of beauty was a small shopping spree to Sephora-courtesy of my mother totaling about 50 dollars USD. If you are a smart shopper, that can go quite far in a store like this. And being a master of bargains, I set my sights on a few key products that would benefit me this winter.The first item I got was this wonderful, creamy facial moisturizer made by Sephora. This product was 20 dollars USD which is a bargain for the amount that I got. It is oil ,paraben, and sulfate free. It supposedly contains a special moisturizing complex that rivals hyaluronic acid. In addition, it is supposed fight signs of aging. It looks promising. :) This will be perfect in fighting off the dry skin and damaging effects winter has on my skin.
Next on the list is this wonderful lip gloss set from Lorac. The bargain on this was outrageous. If I were to buy each color in the set individually, it would have set me back 132 dollars USD. This lovely gift set was just 25 dollars USD. The quality is fantastic. I had to try it as soon as I got in the car. LOL. It felt so smooth and moisturizing. It also has shine and shimmer that makes my lips look kissable and soft. I will not have any issues combating dry lips this winter with this.The last purchased item was this on-the-go version of Make Up Forever's Mist and Fix. I don't know much about this product. That's why I got the sample size. :) It was only 8 dollars USD. From what I understand, it's supposed to be sprayed on the face after makeup application. This will help the foundation and everything set. I have heard nothing but positive feedback on Make Up Forever products, so I have high hopes for this. I'm excited to try it.

Free Products

Because I am a member of Sephora's Beauty Club, I received a birthday gift at the counter absolutely free. It was a combination shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath by Philosophy. Let me clarify that it is one product that does all these things. Befitting of the occasion, the scent is vanilla birthday cake. It smells delicious. I would like to include that the bottle for the birthday celebrators is different from the one sold in the store. However, the product is the same.

I also got free samples of Aquolina's Pink Sugar Sensual toilette spray. It's a more grown up version of the original Pink Sugar that I love sooooo much. The difference is that Sensual version is a bit more robust and more on the musk side. It's something that any woman could wear. It's one I would definitely recommend for a special night or first date. It will get you loads of compliments. I would also like to add that even though it is a toilette rather than a parfum, the scent lasts for 6-8 hours easily.

That completes my entry for today. I'll be back on a review for the moisturizer, mist and fix, and the shower gel. Have a fabulous remainder of the weekend. :)