Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sephora Product Reviews

So, last week I received my shipment from Sephora. I got the Sephora Brand Blush in Apricot Plaisir, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, and a Sephora nail color in Gilmauve. And as a bonus I received the Sephora Makeup Primer.

Let's start with the blush...I love it. I like the shimmery effect is has. But I have to really load up my brush and pat pretty hard to get it on. But the color is really nice and complimentary to my skin tone. I will most likely buy more colors from this line because they're reasonably priced and of good quality. (5 stars)

The Urban Decay primer is the business! It was worth every penny. I even slept with it on purposely just to see if it would survive the night. And I didn't lose any pigment. And it made my eyeshadow appear more pigmented. There was no fade, creasing, or any other eyeshadow or eyeliner disaster. This is something that I consider a staple now. I know there are other brands that are supposed to be just as good, but this really works for me. So I'm sticking with it for now. (5 stars)

The nail polish I got is like this pinkish-purplish candy color. And I like it. The thing is that that I was cleaning the house a lot from holiday fall out. And I had issues with chipping. But this was only with my right hand which is my dominant hand. But perhaps I will wear gloves to do everything around the house. And it will last. The coats went on easily. It took about 3 coats to get what I wanted. And with the bottle being so small, it seemed a little ridiculous. I think that if somebody wants an on the go change, this is good. But I will probably just go to Beauty Brands or Sally's to get my nail polish from now on. (3.5 stars)

The primer I received as an extra is not my favorite. The consistency is weird. It's like it may be oily, but it's powdery. It kinda made my face feel like it wasn't clean. But it did help my foundation go on a lot smoother and more evenly. And oil seemed to not pool much in the usual areas. It's alright, but I probably won't buy it. (3 stars)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Conair Infiniti Review

As you may know, I purchased a Conair Infiniti flat ironing tool (not sure of the full name). It's a two in one iron that allows for curling the hair in addition to ironing flat.

I love this tool. I have used a CHI flat iron before. And the problem that I had with it was that the handle got too hot for comfort for me. And the Conair tool doesn't do that at all. It's totally comfortable from start to finish. The drawback was that there are only three settings, but that's ok for me. I put it on medium and it worked out just fine. I couldn't be happier really.

It will flatten the hair and give it a beautiful sheen and make it shiny. And I really only had to make one smooth pass over each section. And at about 40 dollars, it was well worth it. I've always had good faith in Conair products. I would recommend this to those who are on a budget like me but still want quality and great results.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Order Came In

So, I got my package from Sephora yesterday. And I just love everything I got. Let me start at with the top row. These are the free samples I got (starting at the left): Aquolina Pink Sugar Eau de toilette (smells amazing), Lolita Lempicka Fleur de Corail Eau de parfum, and Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Eau de Parfum. Then the other sample was a deluxe sample I got for being a beauty insider. And it is a makeup primer. It's clear too. :)

The item that I bought include blush made by Sephora in Apricot Plaisir. Next is is just a nail polish made by Sephora as well in Guimauve. And last but not least is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

I will be testing out the flat iron later on today since I washed my hair and deep conditioned last night. I blow dried it as well, but I was careful and I always use a heat protection spray.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Straight Won't Wait

Tonight, I went to JCPenney's to finish up my Christmas shopping. But secretly, I was on the hunt for one last item for myself. Let explain something...People in this family usually only buy for the children. And so we adults just gift ourselves and stick to giving presents to our mothers and grandmothers. LOL

Anyway, I wanted to straighten my hair while I'm deciding whether or not I want to go natural. And I didn't have the big budget. So I picked up the Conair You Style ceramic hair straightener for about 34.99. The neat thing about this is the curved outside edge that is meant for curling the hair. So it's like two items rolled into one. And that's a great value. I guess I will have to heat this baby up and pass it through my hair a few times. But I probably won't be doing that until tomorrow evening because my hair needs to be washed and air dry first. Maybe I'll do that tonight.

Wish me luck :)

Hair Pic and Update

I know that my hair isn't down in this pic, but let me tell you...It's getting to be so healthy. It's shiny and soft. I had to trim my ends again a few weeks ago just to get them even and symmetrical. And it looks much better that way.

My moisturizing routine is pretty much the same. I use a moisturizing spritz of vegetable glycerin, alow vera juice, and just recently added coconut oil to the mix. Then I follow up with the Organics Olive Oil moisturizer. And then I seal with coconut oil. And I do this twice a day because it's winter time. I love how all this makes my hair smell so good. And it's a more natural approach to caring for my hair. The virgin coconut oil is my personal favorite in my new routine

I'm using Giovanni Organics still. I started using it back in the summer. And I don't think I'll switch because it seems to be working. There are no phosphates or sulfates in it, so it's great for the hair. It gets it clean and smooths it really nicely. And the conditioner does the same. They're my permanent staples at the moment.

Again, I don't mess with my hair that much. I have even calmed down on the cowashing. But I think that I'll increase that to twice a week just to keep my scalp clear rather than wash once a week and co wash another time in the week. I am limiting a lot for several reasons. But the outcome has been to my benefit thus far. I'll try to get more pics up this week of my hair and will be answering any questions you all might have.

ALSO....I will be posting information about the stuff I'm getting from Sephora. And I'll be reviewing those items as well.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sephora Purchase Update

(I made a tiny mistake concerning the day. It has to be before 11:59 tonight. Just read the updated information below.)
Ladies, if you want to order from Sephora online and receive your package before Christmas, and get free shipping, this is what you have to do...

Get your cart together. And when you get to about the fourth stage of checkout, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for an area to enter the following promotional code: ups2day
This code is not case sensitive, so don't worry. You will get two day delivery for free with this code. The catch is that you only have until 11:59pm on December 2oth to place your order and get in on this sweet deal. And there are plenty of good sales. I promise you.

Also, you will get to choose three free samples. And for those that have at least 100 beauty points, you will get to choose an additional deluxe sample. So don't miss out on this. I want everybody to be beautiful, feel great, and get beauty for a steal this holiday season.

Dai Burger is a Killer!

It's amazing what you find when you get caught in the web that is called a Google search. So let me explain. This track is amazing. I found it after going to beauty guru, Jessica Harlow's website( And I saw where she had a whole blog dedicated to Patricia Field. Sound familiar? She's was the stylist for Sex and the City. So I was looking at all the fab stuff she had on her site. And that's where I found this video.

Dai Burger's styling may be a little outrageous for the faint of heart in the video. However, I find it to be over the top and fabulous. It's a definite source for inspiration. The whole 80s theme and bright neons and such are really in right now. So I hope you all enjoy the song and fashion. And go have a gander at Patricia Field's website,

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Value of a Dollar

I went to Wal-Mart...again. I know. I'm addicted to that place. But this time was different. I only took a twenty dollar bill with me. And that shut down the spending habit real quick.

At any rate. I got the cutest items for Christmas for my play sis. (She's such a sweetie.) And while I can't post a pic of everything I bought her just in case, there was one item that I got for myself. And it was just one dollar. It was the still the cutest thing. And it smells so yummy. It's vanilla strawberry lip cream.I wanted to talk a bit about my hair. It's doing great. I cowashed it today. And then I had to blowdry it because I had to go out into the cold. And it went well. I used the Dove heat protection spray. I moisturized and sealed once before blowdrying and then after blowdrying. And that was the key. My hair came out nice and shiny. There was no dryness or frizziness at all. And it's soft. I wore it down too. But in just a few minutes, it will be going right back into the protect French braids.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cinderalla, Eat Your Heart Out

Ever bought a pair of shoes online that you loved only to discover that they were too small or too snug? Well, I did. And I kinda couldn't return them because the style was not available in a bigger size. And they weren't going to be continued. I could've gotten my money back, butI loved them so so much that I was dedicated to finding a way to stretch them.

I came across this video the other day. And this is the truth. Honestly, it works, it's practically free, and you can use this method on a variety of styles. Check it out.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cheap Stuff and French Braids

I just love Google. LOL. I typed in "Peg Bundy style" inspired by an outfit I acquired on Sorority Life. It reminded me so much of her. And I was thinking about how so much of what is out there now is so similar to her signature style she sported on "Married with Children".

At any rate, I went to recommended site that was carrying items that were what I would call Peggy-esque. And then I discovered a two dollar ring section that is amazing. The whole site is totally affordable really with a few more pricey items. But it gets better. Spend ten dollars, and the shipping is free! I'm definitely gonna look into this some more. It looks like and awesome site. It's kinda edgy, but there is a wide variety of stuff. Click below to go directly to the site. (It's hyperlinked, so just click on GirlProps)


By the way, they have a sister site that has even lower prices! I'll post that link as well just below:


About the braids...I'm back in my two French braids. I am trying to protect my hair. I'm not combing it much these days. I just moisturize and braid it right back up. It's going well. My hair is soft. And my ends are benefiting the most from this. Shed is at a minimum. I will continue like this for as long as I can. There is a ton I can to jazz them up to. I'll post pics later. HHG! :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Budget Friendly Excursion

I went on an excursion to Wal-Mart Saturday. And I picked up quite a few things for myself. Maybe I should post a pic and then a list...New York Color Items
Labeled makeup brushes
Makeup bag/brush holder that came with the brushes

New York Color Lipstick(2)- Berry Rich and Sheer Red
New York Color Lip Color Pencil(1)- Red
New York Color Cover Stick(2)- Green and Medium
White Handle Brush Set(Bag comes with)-7 labeled brushes<----A little drama with this..

Let me tell you about the brush mishap...I didn't discover that one of the brushes was missing until I got home. But I didn't really care because I don't use powder eyeliner anyway. And I had two angel brushes for that anyway. So I ended up with 6 of the 7 brushes. LOL

I don't spend a ton of money on lip color because I'm more of a gloss girl. But these were pretty and totally expensive. The lipsticks, pencil, and cover sticks all together were about 8 dollars. The brush set was 14 dollars. So I didn't spend a ton at all.

The brushes shed a little right out the box, probably from packaging. But after that, I used them and there was no more shed. They are super soft as well. And they are so pretty. I love that they are labeled too. They're pretty and functional. This is not going to last forever, and I know that. But for the time being and the sweet price, they will do. :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Great Deals!

I don't know about everybody else, but I just love great deals. And I love to buy a ton of stuff at one time. I don't know why. It's just my nature I guess. LOL.

The point in all this is that my purchases tend to get me into a financial bind. Then suddenly the color goes from the shopping process. So I've been browsing around again. And I'm gonna put up some links to sites that have great deals, stylish products, and even cosmetics! Make sure you bookmark these :) (I hyperlinked the selections, so just click on them.) I'll let you know if I find more.

Sasa - This site has a huge selection of cosmetics, vitamins, and other beauty products. They are based in Asia, so a lot of the products are not available in the U.S.

CutesyGirl - This site has it all. There are shoes, clothes, accessories...I love it. I ordered nine pairs of shoes from them last year for under 150 dollars. And if you want to see them, Just let me know. :)

15 Dollar Store - Everything on here is 15 dollars. There are clothes, shoes, accessories...Lots of good stuff on here.

Forever 21 - I think we are all familiar with this place. But they also have Faith 21 which offers extended sizes for those of us with a little more to love. Embrace your thickness ladies.

Rainbow - I don't think you can actually order off the site, but you can see some of the things they have available. There are one of their boutiques not to far from my place. And they have some nice items.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Courage

The more I think about it, and the more I read, I want to transition. I don't know why I feel compelled. Maybe it's only natural that the real me wants to escape. I've been hiding under the social guise known as the relaxer. And I don't know who much more I can take. The maintenance is exceedingly tedious. That's why I'm so undecided about things.

I've been using more natural products or the organic versions of things. And it makes me feel more in my element. I think that's the reason that I was looking to the curl formers. They'll bring me as close to what my real texture is like as possible. And they could work for a great protective style. They could be a real aid is dealing with the long stretching.

I want to give up that chemical that has bound me for so many years. I want freedom. And it will be sweet when the part of myself that I haven't seen in 15 years comes back to say hello. I'm ready now. I won't do a big chop though. I'll do the gradual thing just in case I have a relapse. Wish me luck! Andbody know where I can get some killer satin scarves I could wear as headbands or headbands even?

Friday, December 4, 2009

I Want My Curlformers :)

I have been looking for a different look for the holidays. I love my buns. And since I decided to do another trim the other day, I am in love with my hair. LOL. (I only lopped off about half an inch.) But I still want to try something different. A few days of a different style won't necessarily hurt me.

I'm looking into the curl formers. They look very simple to use. And it would definitely be a change for me. However, the price turns me off a little bit. But you know what? I'm going to probably gift them to myself anyway because I have them on my mind. I think curls will be good for me. It'll save me money in the long run I think. The money I would spend curling with a flat iron or curling iron, and then having to find ways to repair it would be much more expensive. So this is a great deal. I will consult the staff at Sally's on which length I should get. Wish me luck. :)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Organization is Key!

In addition to being addicted to the care of my hair, I am also a neat freak. I don't like loose ends, and I can't stand clutter. The demands of my life call for me to be totally organized. When I do fall out of the loop, I'm a totally different person. And I can, will, and have stayed up into the early hours and past for the sake of cleanliness. Why am I spilling all this you want to know?

Well, on an excursion to Big Lots (it's like my alternative Wal-Mart right now) I got this closet organizer. And it's not so much for me as it is my daughter. It's a test run for another model that I'm gonna buy later this week. And it's so awesome. I would buy 100 of them if I could. Anyways, in the process of moving and storing things, I'm finding all these efficient ways like the closet organizers to save money, time and space. In all that, I'm learning the value of a waste bin as well. LOL. Toss the stuff you need. :)

One thing that I had to get in order were my personal and business papers. I got the expandable notebook and went to town. I ordered stuff by date and all that. It's fab. And it made me realize just how much I could let go of. So with the holidays coming around the corner, I just thought that I would give everybody some food for thought. Also, I will be doing a video of my new best friend: my first walk-in closet. I'll keep everybody updated on that. HHG! :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Hair Happenings

Yesterday I went to my great-aunt's for Thanksgiving. I won't elaborate. I'll just say that I need to wash my hair for sure. A lot of people in my family smoke. I used to, but I was successful in kicking that habit for good. (Thank Goodness!) But yeah. The air was filled with smoke. And I know that a lot of that is in my hair. I would've washed it last night, but I was so tired when I hit the door.

So today, I'm going to do what I like to call a "Weekend Wash". This is because I usually do it on th weekend. And I have plenty of time just kinda lounging around not doing too much. So I take that time doing a full wash a super deep conditioning. And since it's getting cold, I can spend all that time with wet hair indoors. No colds for Krissy! ;)

I'm trying to think up a good prepoo. I guess my new virgin coconut oil would be more than ideal. I'll just rub that through really good and put on a plastic cap for an hour or so. I could just use the amla gold oil, but I was to see what the coconut will do for my scalp. And it's supposed to help with shed; something that I've been having just a bit of an issue with. And it smells nice too.

I'm wash with the Giovanni Organics Smooth and Silk shampoo. I love that stuff. I'm knighting it my regular shampoo. It has no sulfates. That means no drying out of the hair and no stripping my natural oils. Yay! Then I will probably do a light protein with the Aphogee. Then I'll deep condition with the end of my Neutrogena deep conditioner mixed with the end of some coconut oil I bought a few months ago. (Not the virgin coconut oil I have now.) I would use the Organics Hair Mayonnaise but I don't want to go overboard on the protein.

But yeah, that's it. HHG! :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Wal-Mart Super Center

The other night I went out to Wal-mart Super Center with my Gramma to find a roasting pan for her turkey. And as usual, I was wondering around the store looking for things to surprise me and make me go "Yippee!" Well, that happened.

I love Giovanni Organics items. And I've never seen them available in the stores where I live. So on a random stroll down the aisles I stumble upon a truckload of their products. There was shampoo and conditioner...Anti-frizz serum lotions, body scrubs...It was heaven. And they were at such reasonable prices. So now I know that when ever I run out of my shampoo, I can just go get more at Wal-Mart (which I did because I was getting low). They carry it at Walgreens too, for 2 dollars more apparently.

Unrefined, virgin coconut oil is another item that I usually see online. And I never got any. It was either a little out of my already explosive budget. And because I've been such a huge fan of the Amla Gold oil, I was still wrestling whether or not I wanted it. Well, they have that at Wal-Mart too. It's in the isle with the oils. And the brand is Spectrum Naturals. I've been sealing with it for the past two days, and I like it. The smell is sweet but not overwhelming. And I think that it may be helping clear up my shedding. I'll have to keep a lookout.I just wanted to give you all the biz so that you can stop paying the shipping and handling fees and waiting. It's instant gratification ladies. Woot!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mint Julep Mask

So, I've been using the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask for two weeks. And I have discovered why it's so popular. That stuff makes my skin feel brand new. It's so clean. It really gets down deep and cleans the pores so well. This may sound gross, but I have to share just to give a clear perspective.

I have oily skin in some spots. And when I put the mask on and it dries, I can literally see where the oil has been absorbed by mask. And I can see every pore on my face through the mask. That means that it's really getting deep down in there and scrubbing out all the dirt. It will be awhile before I find out if it's really making the pores smaller. But it's great for getting my face nice and clean for sure. And it's gentle as well. That tingle is a real winner. I love it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pink Christmas Tree

My Gramma decided to get a pink Christmas tree this year. She got it for the baby (my daughter) even though we technically don't live with her anymore. But she's got this child so spoiled that now her decor reflects what the baby wants. LOL. It's cute. Leslie loves my Gramma to pieces. She calls her "The Best Gramma in the Whole Wide World" on a daily basis. And it's so cute. But Mama (me) had to show these girls what to do with this pink tree. LOL

Anyways...LOL. Here's the pic of the tree.And for those that want this look, I will provide all the info you need to create this tree in your home.

The tree and decorations are all available at Big Lots. The tree is 50 dollars. And it's the easiet to put together really. It comes in three pieces and then the base. The lights are white and are built into the tree. The tree topper is 4 dollars. It's silver and covered in glitter. It's very chic. The garland is 25 feet long and goes for 3 dollars. It's silver as well.

The ornaments are a combination of decorations. LOL. The mirrored ones (dark pink and some of the silver) are 5 dollars for a pack of nine. We got 2 packs for a total of 12 pink and 6 silver mirrored ornaments. The other ornaments came in a pack of 24 with matte and shiny silver. and they were 4 dollars. And finally, the buffalo snow at the bottom was 2 dollars.

I hope this tree is an inspiration to all those who love pink. I wish some of the proceeds when to a breast cancer society, but it doesn't say so on the packaging, so I'm assuming it doesn't. At any rate, the tree is bold but not overwhelming. :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Update Pics

I know that I said I was going to post a pic of how my relaxer turned out, but I kinda forgot. So here it is. By the way, this was taken November 9th, the day of the relaxer. My ends are looking a lot better than last time. They are filling in pretty good. And that's my goal. I want better ends more than length right now. So I am going to baby them and keep wearing buns.

Also, I rolled my hair on satin rollers last night. And it was great...Until it got rained on. But it was pretty while it lasted I guess. and I apologize for looking tired as a junk. It was 8:30am. LOL

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Japan Crazy!

So, I'm not much of a nail person being that I'm so into my hair care that I just keep them trimmed and neat. But I have stumbled upon the most fashionably tacky-just have to try-must spend the little pennies I have trend. They are glue on nails! But these are not just any kind of nails. This is Japanese style ladies. And as atrocious as it may seem to some, I find them to be a pure work of art. And I must own a pair. I'm not sure what I will wear them with, or the reactions that I'll get. But I don't care. Give me some of these!

Monday, November 9, 2009

End of Stretch

So I went a little longer stretching than I thought I would. But it was totally worth it. I've got a goo inch of growth I know. And my hair feels amazing. Sometimes the stretching process can be so frustrating. But in the end, your hair will love you for restricting/regulating chemical processing.

I didn't us the Just For Me relaxer this time. I just used the Ultra Sheen Regulare strength relaxer. And the results were just as fabulous. I washed my hair with Giovanni Organics shampoo because the shampoo in the Ultra Sheen kit makes my hair hard. And then I deep conditioned with Organics by Africa's Best Hair Mayonnaise. And it gave my even more slip and shine.

I added my Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship leave in, my Organics Love Oil Moisturizer, and sealed with Dabur Amla Gold Oil. I used Dove heat protection spray as well. And this was more than enough defense against the heat of the blow dryer. But for that ultra silky finish, I used my aloe vera juice and vegetable glycerin moisture spritz. And my hair has so much body and movement. I will take pic and post them later.

There is one thing that I wanted to discuss because I wasn't sure if I was the only one. But is seems that when I spray my hair with my moisture mix, it doesn't want to curl. LOL. It's not that big of a deal to me because I don't use much heat on my hair anyway. But there are days where I desire a curly cue here and there, but the moisture in my hair makes it impossible. I guess it's a good thing that it is so moist. LOL

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Product Love!!!

Sunday night, I made a trip to Walgreens partly because I was bored and I was tagging along with my gramma. I couldn't resist. I went straight for the hair aisle. But I had a really good reason. I was in need of a good deep conditioner. I was out of my Neutrogena in such a short amount of time. And even though I would have loved to get more, I decided that I would go cheaper.

I looked at the Hair Mayonnaise made by ORS. But the 9.99 price tag didn't turn me on. So I just kept right on. Then I almost reached for the Queen Helene Cholesterol. It was 3.99 which was more than I was willing to pay for it. And I tend to have to mix it with oils and such to get the desired effect. So I left it there. Then I saw something that had the best of both worlds. It was still hair mayonnaise, but it was 3.99. It's Organics Hair Mayonnaise. It was the first time I tried anything from their line. I also grabbed some Africare 100% Glycerin. (This is vegetable glycerin.)Let me cut to it. This is the best deep conditioner I've used in ages. It's awesome. It spreads well over the hair. I could feel it get down to the roots and all that. The smell is not great, but it's not bad either. Not offensive at all. The consistency is thinner that what I'm used, but it doesn't take away from how well it works. I left it on my hair with a plastic cap for about 45 minutes (no heat) and let it work it's magic. When I rinsed, I could feel how soft and untangled my hair was and the slip... (Gotta have slip girls!) Even as my hair was drying, that softness was still there. And it made my hair so shiny. This is my new favorite deep conditioner. Did I mention less shed even though I'm 13 and half weeks post relaxer?The next day I went back and got the Organics Olive Oil Moisturizing Growth Lotion. And it was another hit. Again, the consistency is thin, but it coats the hair well. And it did wonders for my ends. It's a great moisturizer. My hair shiny. And it's not greasy whatsoever. It's super awesome. And the smell is amazing. Very sweet and soft.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

More Good Hair News

I have been using this conditioner religiously lately. And I just love it. My hair is soft and shiny. And my ends are feeing so much better.

I know that I shouldn't have, but I did a trim a few weeks ago. And I have to say that I'm glad I didn't wait. One week or two wouldn't have killed me. It's really grown. My hair is mainly thicker and in better health. I no longer contend with breakage. My edges have pretty much grown in. The back is doing beautifully. And I'm really happy.

The overall health of my hair is at it's peak. And the length is coming naturally. I couldn't be any happier. One thing that I have decided not to do anymore is extended stretching sessions. I will say 10 weeks max. Going past that is something that doesn't work well for my hair. I start to experience breakage no matter what I do. And length is my real goal not since health doesn't seem to be an issue anymore.

I'm going to wash my hair today. And I think that doing a little protein treatment would be nice for my hair today. I need to clarify as well to prepare my hair for a relaxer. I'll post pics soon. I just got a new computer because my other one crashed. At any rate, HHG everyone. And I'll be in touch more often now. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

envy hair

i apologize in advance for any issues with punctuation. i'm mobile at the moment. also for taking so long...stuff has been crazy. back on track now tho.

so my hair is getting longer. i would say that i could be bra strap by january. i'm definitely apl at this point. and i love it. what i don't love is people touching and pulling at my hair without asking. annoying!!! lol. but i just try to be be polite and let it go.

i've been doing french braids at night. one right down the middle. and i still do my buns. i only have i down for a little bit at a time. i recently relaxed too. and i'm maintaining my silky. my pics are on keepitsimple. i would post them here but my computer crashed.

that's all for now i guess. i'll try to update more often.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Remembering Michael Jackson: The End of an Era

Why Michael? Of all the people in the world, why him? Why not? Is it real? What happened? When will there be answers? Who is responsible? I keep running these questions over and over again in my head. And it doesn't get any easier. But reality is setting in. And the fact of the matter is that the greatest performer of all time, and a true cultural icon is gone forever. But luckily, he leaves us a wonderful collection of music that will continue to influence the coming generations.

There will never be another Michael Jackson. People, we are witnessing the end of an era. This is it for the world of music for a long time. I don't know of anybody that is big enough or dedicated enough to fill those glittering black shoes. Who harnesses a level of popularity and the ability to bring together the masses in the way that he did? Who has that cross-generational touch capturing hearts in all corners of the world? Who can sell out a show with one million viewers total in just hours? No one. Music just died today. And there is no revival on the horizon.

It's a cold, black day in societal hell when someone of this caliber is removed from this life to enter into one so complex and far away from the rest of us that are living. None of us can begin to contemplate our own deaths. And for people like Michael Jackson that seem immortal or invincible to the world, it's even more difficult to fathom. On some levels, it doesn't make sense. But what we all witnessed June 25th was the vulnerability of the human body. We are not invincible. No amount of money can remove that expiration date attached to us.

I, myself have been immersed in the deepest, darkest crevices of my own mind exploring the possibility of a closer expiration date for myself. It's scary and depressing, but we all have thought about it. How will we go? Will it hurt? What is death like? And when this immortal being that was Michael Jackson took off the flesh, I'm sure it stirred up the emotions and played upon the darkest fears of the millions that have followed his career spanning 3 decades plus.

For a man that did so much, I think that society did him a great disservice many times. And now that he's gone, people call him a hero and a great. But the same people made his time and dwelling on this Earth a nightmare, forcing him into isolation, depression, and a reclusive solitude. This man was robbed on so many levels. But he kept giving right on up until the end. And my heart is broken. I'm not one that usually collapses and cries over celebrity deaths. But for a person who was so gifted, a true genius, with so much to offer all of us with his talents, it hurt to lose him. Eventually we will all be able to put the piece together again and move on. Earth will spin again. But it will be one person short. And he will not go unnoticed.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Confessions of a Product Junkie

Ok. So I stopped by CVS last night on my way home form Bible study. I was just going to get my aloe vera gel and be on my way. But then I passed by the hair aisle. It wasn't that bad though. I only got two more items. I got the Sc√ľnci Smooth and Straighten Paddle Brush and Hollywood Beauty Carrot Oil. I couldn't resist. I needed the brush to detangle. And I had been wanting to try the oil for quite awhile now.

The brush is quite amazing. I didn't realize just how tangled my hair was until I used it last night. And it got all the tangles out. I shed some, but that was expected. It's not like I would use this brush everyday. As a matter of fact, I will probably use it in the shower from now on only when I have conditioner on my hair. That way I'm good to go. And my hair will stay nice and healthy.

The oil is supposed to help with split ends. And with summer just around the corner, I want to do all that I can to keep my ends protected. I may even do hot oil treatments. I don't know. But I sealed with the carrot oil last night. And it seems like a nice sealing oil already. My ends are nice and smooth. Last night, I did two french braids and covered my hair with a satin scarf. It worked out quite well. So I guess I will see what happens from here.

I would like to add just one more thing. I love the Dabur Amla Gold. My hair is so shiny! It's like mirror shine. It could be a combination of products. But I'm quite sure that the amla gold is doing it for me. I've been oiling my scalp with it every other day. And it's certainly to my benefit. My hair is gorgeous. I can't stop touching it and looking at it in the mirror.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Item Came In the Mail!

My Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil came in the mail yesterday! I'm so excited. I just love amla oil. But this stuff here has a few extra things like almond and henna. Yummy stuff for the hair. I like this oil too because unlike the regular amla oil, it's not pungent. It has what I would describe as a gentle fresh scent. It's different but really pleasant.

I just couldn't wait to get the stuff in my hair. So I pulled it out and decided to oil my scalp and my ends. Then I took my boar bristle brush and smoothed my hair. Lots of people are afraid of their brushes, but when I oil my scalp it helps to distribute the oil and make my hair soft and shiny. After that I braided my hair in plaits, pinned them back, and then I put on a plastic cap for a good two hours. All I can say is wow. My hair was so soft and glossy. And that smell was so sweet to me. I love it. I'm glad I got the hugest bottle I could find.

I'm thinking of skipping any kind of washing of my hair until Monday. I want to give the oil time to really sink down into my scalp and hair follicles. Plus, I've been co-washing it a lot. So I want to give it a break. But I must clarify soon. I think I'll do a pre poo with the amla and VO5. And then I'll clarify. That's should be cool. I may even add the amla gold to my deep conditioner. Or I could just put it on my wey hair....I'm not sure yet. But I know one thing. It will be a part of my regimen. I just couldn't believe it! An hour and a half and my hair was happy from a scalp oiling with the amla gold. It's awesomeness. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Back with New Stuff!!!

Ladies, let me tell you. I have been getting my product junkie on. And my oh my doesn't it feel nice! Where do I begin?.. Oh yes. I got some of that Dove Intense Damage Therapy conditioner. And I just love it. it makes my hair so soft. It makes detangling a breeze. My hair is shinier and feels so silky. I just love it. As an added bonus, my hair seems to get some good volume from this. Did I mention it smells really nice?The next item is my Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Leave-In. Oh my goodness. I should have bought this a long time ago. The first time I tried it, I knew I'd done something so right for my hair. It made it shiny, soft, easy to comb through, smell nice, and all that good stuff. And it's so rich and creamy. I just love it. See, if I had never been a member on Keep it Simple Sista, I would never have an idea to try all these different products. The price I pay for being a product junkie is well worth it from all the support, friends, and excellent hair tips I've gained.

You thought that was all huh? But no no no... I have more. I got my third Neutorgena Triple moisture product. I got the deep recovery hair mask. And I used it as my deep conditioner. I couldn't be any happier. It's this thick creamy stuff that just makes my hair gorgeous. I put it on and my hair just loved it. It was so silky and smooth. And I could comb through my hair with such ease. And again, that smell was sooooo nice. This is another winner. And I'm looking to make it my permanent deep conditioner for the summer.

Oh, there is more in the works. I ordered Dabur Amla Gold. I've been needing to order more amla oil, but this time I wanted to go big. So I got the hugest bottle I could find. And I got the premium kind. I'm quite confident in what it can do for my hair. I like the Dabur brand. I'm excited. It should be here by the end of the week I hope so I can snap photos of it.

Now I'm on my way to to pick up a few things I guess. I've been curious about their products and heard so many great things. So while I'm still not broke, I'm gonna jet on over there. Much love everyone. I'll be back with more reviews. HHG!!! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Hair, My Love

I've been focusing a lot of time and attention on my hair this last month. And I'm surprised. It seems that my hair is nearly touching my bra strap. I didn't notice this until now. I'm so excited! Even tho I relaxed my hair a few weeks ago, I didn't flat iron it to see exactly where it was. I just blow dried it so that the results of my relaxer would be better. But as I reach around and grab my hair and gently pull it straight, I noticed that it is definitely growing. And this is despite a recent trim and regular dusting.

I'm going to do a late conditioner wash in just a few. And I've decided that I will go back to co washing every other day. That way I can keep my hair clean, only shampoo every 10 days, and keep my moisture up. Conditioner is my friend. And I keep a lot of it on hand because I need it. I can't get enough of it. I like the Vive Pro conditioners a lot. I even use them in my moisture spray I use daily.

I will have to start updating more. It's just that I've been going through so much lately. And so I've been abandoning things to get my head on straight. Everything is good now though.

A few weeks ago, I got a tip off that my fiance was married and his wife was pregnant. But it was just a dirty rumor started by a mean and jealous person. Or at least it is in the rumor phase right now. The proof that I thought I had was bogus. Just generated out of hate. So as of right now, I'm going to stand by my man and get a good attorney. I'm still not quite sure, but I will just have to trust my instincts and trust him. But I'm still going to get an attorney. :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hair...I love you!

I'm so happy with my hair right now. It's growing so well. And the moisture couldn't be better. It has lots of body, and it smells like a dream. I can't believe the luck that I'm having with my hair these days. I can't wait until June comes. I'm hoping to be APL by then. I'm trying hard to resist relaxing until that month. That way my growth can be a bit of a surprise. Even now, my hair is touching the the tops of my armpits. That's exciting to me.

I'm going to hold off on washing my hair until tomorrow. I'm not all that well today. And it's getting close to bed time. I don't want to sleep with wet hair. I'll just moisturize tonight really well. That way I can overcompensate. LOL. My hair will still love me.

Another thing...I love my new accessories. They made my mother stop complaining about my hair. The bun cage is my favorite because I don't even have to comb my hair to use it. I just ball it but, stick it in, and voila! I'm ready for the day. It's amazing. I will be rocking it tomorrow.

That's all for now. Just had to get my happy out. LOL. HHG!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Purchases

So today, I stopped by Wal-Mart on the way home from school. And I was just in to get a few things. But I went I a little overboard. Nonetheless, I was happy with everything I managed to pick up.In this shot we have a lot of things going on. LOL. The new comb I had seen on another blog post. I liked the design, so I decided to give it a try. The three clips in the middle (hard to see, sorry) are brown, black, and white. They have a pretty scroll design. I normally wouldn't buy these, but the edges are smooth. And the shape is good because it goes with the curve of the head. To the right is a bun cage. I am going to file the prongs down on the inside just to make sure it doesn't damage my hair. To the right of that are three headbands (navy, grey, and black). Since I'm going to do another long stretch, I thought I had better have them to keep the new growth down in the front. Lastly, at the bottom are these bow shaped claws that open from the side. They are good for just a simple updo without all the hard work. They are black and brown.

That's not all tho....I decided to get satin rollers. I wanted to dry doing some different things with my hair. I love curls, but I refuse to use a curling iron. So I got the multi packof 42 and another pack of 12 I believe. That way I will have all the versitility. I would suggest every girl go out and get some. They look fabulous. I can't wait to curl my hair. And alos, I picked up small bottle of Biotin. I thought I would give this a try since I can never find the HSN vitamins there. LOL. But these are supposed to work just as well. We'll see. There are 150 pills in this bottle. And they can be taken up to 5 times a day...I won't be taking them like that though.

That's about it ladies. I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ready for the Long Haul

I must be over joyed right now. I'm so satisfied with my moisture mix, I'm thinking about doing a really long stretch. I know that the last stretch I did was pure Haties, but this time I'm armed with the proper moisture to help soothe and ease the rough sea that is new growth. Honestly, my new growth has gotten a lot more tame since I started using the Wave Nouveau because it's formulated for such. But now I think I've got a real winner in vegetable glycerin. I feel like I can depend on it.

So how long am I talking? Well, my last relaxer was January 30th. And it's march 10th... I'm thinking that I can do another 2 or 3 months. I'm really wanting my hair to get as healthy and strong as possible. I'm trying to beef up on moisture and shine as well. So I don't want to have to do a relaxer unless it's absolutely necessary. Naturally, this is the time to start thinking since touch up time is not that far around the corner. But yeah. I want to do a stretch and then measure in August to see how far I've come in year.

Also, I'm ready to put down the scissors for a good long time. I did a really good dust the other day. And I know that I may have made a few mistakes. So I must overcompensate and try to retain as much length as possible since my ends are all healthy again. I will be doing a lot more deep conditioning too. So that should cut out out the dry. split ends.

That's all for now. I'm rambling. HHG! :)

Moisture Mix and New Purchases

Well ladies...I made my moisture mix. And I have to say that I am totally satisfied. I used the vegetable glycerin, rose water, coconut oil and some filtered water. I concentrated on the roots (especially that line of demarcation), and my ends. Then I followed with my Wave Nouveau. I sealed with my coconut oil. Then I proceeded to do a braid out.

When I got up this morning and took my braids down, I had the softest, shiniest waves. And my ends were so on point. I moisturized and sealed again because I usually do moisturize twice a day. And my hair just got better. The braid out stayed, but I had to pin my hair up because I was going out into the cold. But nonetheless, the mixture works.

I went to CVS to get the aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel. I got Fruit of the Earth aloe vera juice. It's organic which is awesome. It was 9.99 USD. And the aloe vera gel is the CVS brand. It's the one that's 100% aloe vera gel. And it contains no alcohol. It was 2.99 USD. I tried a little of the aloe vera gel on my edges. And it works like a charm. I also added the juice to my mixture. And I'll be trying that tonight. I'm sure I'll get more awesome results. :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Package Arrival

I'm so excited. I'm a little surprised as well. My package from came in the mail today. I had no idea that it would get here so soon. I placed my order Thursday evening, and it came this morning. It's such a joy to get stuff in the mail. It's like it's Christmas or something. LOL.

I moisturized my hair and sealed with the new coconut oil that just came in the mail. And I was amazed. My ends and just all of my hair felt so soft. I have used some coconut oil in the past, but it was refined. I don't think that version is. Or at least, the new one I have is all natural. But yes...It was a nice change. It was so shiny and smooth. Awesomeness...yes!

At any rate, even though I don't have my aloe vera juice, I decided to get to mixing any how. I substituted with filtered water from the tap. I mixed a little glycerin and rose water together. And then I added the coconut oil. I put all together and just kinda sprayed the new growth surrounding the center part of my hair and the sides because they are getting a little fuzzy because of my new growth. I was so far from disappointed. I couldn't believe how nice it felt. I keep touching my hair. I'm such a dork. My point is that I think I've found the right balance of moisture for me. I still want the aloe vera juice just to make sure I'm getting some vitamins to the surface and roots of my hair. But this mix I have will work for me for right now just to hold the moisture. I love it.

I have the Giovanni Smooth as Silk shampoo and conditioner in my possession as well. I'm just as excited about these products. I'm especially excited about a shampoo with no sulfates. It's like this: TreSemme shampoo is good. But I'm wanting to take the more natural approach. As for the conditioner, I'm always looking for more moisture. I can't get enough of it.

Despite the rain, this is a great day for me. I should be going to CVS tomorrow to pick up the aloe vear juice. It's less than 15 dollars, so all should be well. :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Aphogee Review/Today's Wash

Ok So now I know why so many ladies rave about this stuff. LOL. Since I used it about a two weeks ago, I've noticed a change in my hair. I don't seem to be shedding as much. And the overall feeling of my hair is softer. When I go to comb my hair up just a little, I don't see as many hairs in the comb. It'sgood stuff. I know that eventually, I will have to do a strong protein, but this worked out really well. I'm happy. :)

Now for the information about today's wash... Let's start at yesterday. Overnight, I let a mixture of VO5 and amla oil sit on my hair. I'm glad I did this because as I was rinsing, I realized that I was able to run my fingers through my hair. The new growth had laid down considerably. I was really happy about this.

I shampooed my hair. I didn't get as much lather, but I didn't mind that. I could tell that my scalp was clean, so that's when I stopped. Then I followed with a deep condition under my dryer. And when I rinsed that, I could feel how happy my hair and scalp were. It was nice.

I put in a leave-in and some frizz control. And from there, I let my hair air dry hanging down. It drie nice and soft. But something was bothering me. My ends looked a little ragged. So I had to dust them. I was disappointed because I didn't want to see my scissors for awhile. But now that it's done, I won't be doing anymore cutting for awhile. It was so painful. :(

I moisturized and sealed. Everything seems ok. My hair is really soft. I keep reaching up to smooth it. It smells nice as well. And it feels really light as well.

Thursday, March 5, 2009 New Best Friend...LOL

I found a site today ( that was able to cater to my hair needs today. And I was so happy about it. So I ordered up those things that I had a hard time finding close to me. Here's what I got. And I'll be sure to make these into hyper links that will take you directly to the products.

Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisturizing Conditioner
Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo
Now Foods 100% Pure Coconut Oil
Now Foods Vegetable Glycerin
Home Health Rose Water

The only thing I didn't get was aloe vera juice and jojoba oil. I will get the aloe vera juice at Super Wal-Mart. And the jojoba oil will have to come some other time.

Speaking of Wal-Mart, I did pick up a few things. I got this heat protection spray made by Dove. It comes in an orange spray bottle. And I think it was about 4.00 USD. I also got my daughter some shampoo. It's Johnson's No More Tangles Shampoo+Conditioner for Curly Hair. I'm excited to be trying this on her hair. I think that since it's formulated specifically for curly hair and it is a children's hair care product, it should be extra gentle. Plus it's tear free. How could I lose? LOL

That's my spill for today. I'll be sure to keep everybody updated on my progress. HHG! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moisture Mixture

After looking at the success that lots of ladies are having with the homemade moisture spritz, I've decided that it's time for me to give it a try. I had made one of my own a few months back. And it was working out well, but after awhile, it was as effective. My hair eats moisture all up. So I'm needing a more intensive moisture formulation.

I'm pretty sure about the ingredients that I want to use. I'm just a little confused on the amounts for each product that I want to use. But here's the list at any rate:

Vegetable glycerin (Wal Greens- $5.99)
Aloe vera juice (Wal-Mart- about $14)
Rosewater or Distilled water (still on the lookout for pricing, but inexpensive I'm sure)

Mind you, these are only the main ingredients. They are the most used among those ladies that make their own mixes. But I'm thinking that it wouldn't hurt to put my own spin on things. For instance, I would like to add some conditioner or oils to the mix. I may not have to depending...I'm not sure yet. But to say the least, I'm ready to try something new. wish me luck. :) HHG!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hair Goals

Ok. I just had to do one more post before I logged off. And this one has to do with the ultimate goals for my hair.

Of course I want long, silky hair. But I want that long silky hair to be strong, shiny, protected from the elements, easy to manage, and healthy. Without the health of my hair being up to grade, I know that my goals will be out of reach like no other. So at this point I'm concentrating more on getting my hair nice and healthy rather than just trying to retain length.

I was thinking in terms of family genetics and whatnot. And I came to the conclusion that bra strap length would be more than achievable. The thing is, I would rather get it to my waist or longer if possible. And I don't want it to just be waist length or longer just in the shape of a V. I want my hair to be all one length all the way around. Maybe it seems impossible or something like a mistake. But that's what I want.

I've been using my growth serum off and on now. I love my Bee Mine Serum, but I've been a little lazy about putting it on and such. But I'm going to go straight back to it over spring break. I credit it to a lot of the growth I've achieved. And the oils in it are great for the hair and scalp. It promotes health and growth at the same time. That way even though I'm focused on strengthening my hair, it will still grow in healthy.

I know what there is a ticker on my page counting down to the time that I will be trimming my hair. Thing is as long as there is no damage and everything comes in nice and healthy, I won't be cutting a thing. I'm not even allowing a dusting until late April/early May. And I may not even do it then. I've been babying these ends with all my might. And I won't cut them away as long as they are healthy. They may not be even, but so what? The hair isn't naturally even anyway.

I've been watching a lot of the girls around my cut their hair into these hard to maintain styles. And I feel so blessed that I haven't crushed under the pressure. Even worse, these same girls that claim they do it to get their hair healthy go and dye the hair and get highlights and all. Then they use all this heat to keep the style looking good. And the result is short damaged hair. Next thing I know, they're wearing weave and wigs. And at that point, it's the best they can do for the hair because there is no manipulation. But look at all that damage and stuff that happens.

I'm sitting here in my satin scarf right now just happy to know that the little bit of torture that I'm going through will be well worth it in the years to come. I'll be able to overcompensate for the pain with a beautiful head of hair that most black women don't think is possible. But it is possible. We can take care of our hair natural or relaxed. I just encourage every woman to follow her hair dreams and don't give up. Keep on growing! LOL. HHG! :)

Denman Brush To Go

So, I finally picked up the brushes of all brushes. I like the design. It's very easy to clean. And the price for this brush is probably worth it. The thing is, I don't like this brush for myself at certain times. For instance, If I'm stretching, this is not the brush for me. It sorta brought out a few more strands of hair than I liked. But if I'm freshly relaxed, this is the brush for me. So, it's not a bad brush at all. There are just specific times when I will and won't use it. This is not the brush for me past freshly relaxed hair. That being two weeks or less since my hair is growing super fast right now. (I'll get to that point in just few...)

The true beneficiary of this brush has been my daughter. My little honey is three years old with virgin 3c/4a type hair. It works beautifully for detangling and styling. I don't have to use a bristle brush anymore because the Denman smooths and detangles all in one swoop. And a comb for her hair is strictly for parting now. Her hair is amazingly strong and all natural. So she has little to no shed and no line of demarcation where breakage can occur. So moms, if you have a daughter who is natural, I would definitely recommend this brush. It will cut down on styling time by about a quarter to half the time.

Now let's talk about my new growth! Wow y'all. My new growth is coming in really fast. I think it's because i've cut down on manipulation by about25%. I've been wearing my buns daily and moisturizing as usual. I've even cut out some cowashing. It's just that I'm busy with school and all. So all the steps, plus this freakishly hot and cold weather...I don't want to get sick. Back to the newgrowth though... It's not as crazy as it has been in the past. My moisturizer (Wave Nouveau) is doing great things for my hair. The new growth is shiny, pretty easy to manage, and not that big of a pain. As a matter of fact, if things go well, I will wait until week 10 before I relax again.

The issue that I'm having with my hair now is it's strength. It just seems a little weak to me. So I've been using the Aphogee Two Minute Reconstructor. And I can feel an improvement taking place. But I'm in the market for a good, hard protein. I could use the hard protein once every 8 weeks or so. And then I could use the Aphogee in betweent that time.

That's all for now I guess. I'll be back with more reviews by next week because I'll be on spring break then. HHG! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Went to Sally's Again

Ok. On my way home from school, I decided to make a stop at Sally's. And I'm so glad that I did. I picked up some nice things in my opinion. LOL. It was just a little treat to myself. Nothing too big. Just a few things I'd been wanting to try.

Let's start from the left! First, we have the ever important satin scarf. I have the night cap, but I wanted the scarf for nights where I wanted to wrap the hair or have my braidouts to come down. Next is a familiar favorite. I got this for my daughter actually. It's the Silken Child moisturizer. When I go to Sally's, it's usually sold all out. But this time, I grabbed up the last bottle. Next to that is the Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor. I've heard so many good things about it. I just had to try it. Next to that is my new pride and joy. It's a Denman brush! I was looking for a good detangling brush and this is supposed to be the one. I'm gonna try it and see. It costs enough. LOL. The top right item is for lightening the skin and knees. I would normally never purchase something like this, but they are really bad. Trust me. Last is Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Creme. I'm trying to get my skin soft and clear for spring. And this stuff, which I put on about an hour ago is the bomb.

One other purchase I made that I didn't include was a satin pillowcase. I got a white one because it's the most hygenic I guess. I don't know. It's was the first one I saw as well. LOL

I'll be sure to have some reviews up soon. HHG! Ladies.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back in the Bun

I've been trying a lot of protective styles lately. And I've liked them all really well. But I had the urge to go back to my bun. So I did it. It's got to be the easiest and least time consuming. And I trust it because it was my original protective style. So I'm back to basics. Yay! LOL

Another thing I wanted to comment on was my progress with the AMBI moisturizer I've been using. It's amazing. I can see a change in my overall complexion already. I had some blotches that never really cleared up after having the baby. And I just got tired of it. But now I'm using the AMBI and I like the results. I've taken a before shot. And when I get to 4 weeks of use, I'll do an update shot and post them here.

And girls, if you like to do reviews, and want access to a site where you can have it for all the world to see, check out This is a little propaganda since a friend of mine works for the site. But it's a lot of fun. So just head over and check it out.

Peace and love. And HHG!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Krissy Went to K-Mart

The weather here was beautiful today. It was a nice change. Crystal clear skies, about65 degrees and a nice little breeze. So I decided to make my way down to K-Mart and enjoy a little retail therapy even though I said I would wait. Here's what I picked up:
I picked up the essential cosmetic sponges. These are washable which is a plus. The next item is the AMBI Even & Clear Daily Moisturizer. I'm super excited about this one. It will be few weeks before I'm able to supply a good review for this because I have to give it time to work. But I have it in my clutches nonetheless. SO yay! Last is Wet n Wild MegaGlo. I got the concoction in 343 Rosy/Rose. I was looking for a blush and something to give my skin that sun kissed glow. The good thing about this stuff it that it's not a powder. I guess it could be called a cream. At any rate, it's can be used on the cheeks, lips, eyes, and all that. So I think this was a great buy.

I'm ready to go wash off my makeup now and put on this new moisturizer. Once I'm all scrubbed up, I'll do some before and after shots of my problem areas. That way I'll be able to accurately chart my progress.

Friday, January 30, 2009

I've Got My Sights Set On...

I've had great success with the AMBI complexion cleansing bar. Even though I had a minor break out (with wasn't caused by the soap), I still trust the product. It's supposed to be specially formulated for ethnic skin types. And I've been recommended to try more fro their line. So now I want to try their Even & Clear Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30.

I will be purchasing this moisturizer in the next few days. I looked up some online reviews for it, and it's supposed to be pretty good. Plus, it has a sun protection factor of 30. That's going to be great for keeping out those harmful rays that can ruin the skin. I'm excited about this one. Stay tuned for a review. :)

Creme of Nature Lemongrass and Rosemary Leave-in Creme Conditioner Review

I swear by leave-in conditioners. As a matter of fact, whenever I buy them, they are always a splurge. Most of the ones that I buy are never under 7 dollars. But being that I use them so much, it can get to be quite expensive. So I decided to get the Creme of Nature leave-in. It's a new item in their line from what I understand.

I used this on my hair today after my relaxer. And I loved it. It's thick and creamy. The smell is refreshing and invigorating, but not overpowering. And with this being 3.79USD (or 3.59 USD if you have a Sally's card), it's a slam dunk for those feeling the financial crunch. I would even go as far as saying that I like it better than the Neutrogena Triple Moisture. We'll see.

But I urge everybody to at least give this one a shot. Tell me what you think about it.

Self Relax

I'm so proud of myself. I put on my own relaxer for the first time. And I think I did a pretty good job. I may have rinsed it out too soon because I was afraid of overprocessing. Nonetheless, here are the results. The first image is my hair before the relaxer. The second pic is my hair after the relaxer.
I know it looks like I could use a trim. But at the moment, I'm just dusting until I get to my desired length. Besides, my ends aren't lighter than the rest of my hair. That means they aren't dead. Plus I'm part of the One Year No Trimming Challenge and the KISS Challenge Tough Love Boot Camp which requires that I don't trim. But I am allowed to dust. Despite the fact that I haven't had a trim in months, I'm not seeing any breakage or slowing down in growth. My hair is healthier than it's ever been. And the length will fill in with the coming months.

At any rate, comment on my new venture into home health care. And HHG! :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Queen Helene Oatmeal n' Honey Natural Facial Scrub Review

This is a review for the Queen Helene Oatmeal n' Honey Natural Facial Scrub. Ladies, this is going to be a staple for me. I see the beginning of a beautiful relationship with this scrub and my face. It does exactly what it claims. And that is that it removes the dull surface layer of skin. The smell is amazing.

What I did before using this scrub was use my Ambi bar to wash my face. Here's a pic of that just for reference.I used the Ambi bar just to remove my makeup and daily grime from being out in the elements. It's good for that. When I finished with that, I applied the Queen Helene scrub as directed. I was sure to get problem areas on my face like the creavases on the sides of my nose, my forehead, and this weird dry spot on my eyebrows.

I've used a number so facial scrubs. And they were ok. Only thing is the others left this artificial layer of residue that tricked me into thinking my skin was softer. But this product didn't do that. After I rinsed, my skin felt so clean and refreshed. And it was so soft. My skin looked brighter and glowing. I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing. I'm so serious. It's great for my combination skin. The texture of this scrub is what I think made it so effective. It cleansed and removed dry skin, but it was gentle and spread fairly easily.

I'd recommend this product for everyone. No complaints. I hope to try more skincare products from the Queen Helene line. I hope this review is useful.

Today's Trip to Sally's

On my way home from classes, I decided to make a pit stop at Sally's. I know I said I was going to get off into the whole skin thing. But I haven't had a relaxer since my birthday back in October. That makes me nearly 14 weeks post relaxer. So I will have to put the skin care thing aside until next week maybe. I've got enough here at the house for now.

I wanted to post a pic of some of the items that I picked up this last go round. Here it is:I only got four items. The first item in the yellow container is Creme of Nature Lemongrass and Rosemary Leave-in Creme Conditioner. I heard that Creme of Nature products are supposed to be great for moisture. So I'm trying that. Expect a review soon. The second item is Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion. This is a staple for me. I got the large bottle this time because I know that I like it. Next is Queen Helene Oatmeal n' Honey Natural Facial Scrub. I bought this on a humbug. Besides, it's hard to go wrong with Queen Helene products. And I did promise myself something special for my face. Lastly is the Just For Me relaxing kit. I got the super because my hair is quite coarse. And by this being a children's formula, using a super strength is probably the equivalent to the adult regular. But it's cheaper and more gentle.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More on Skin Care

I've been on YouTube and seen a lot of tutorials about skin care and all that. And most didn't appeal to exactly what I was looking for. But then I happened to luck upon videos posted by the user MichellePhan. And I liked her videos because she seemed to go step by step. And her camera angles are really good. That's really important when you are trying to see what someone is showing you how to do somethin.

One video that I found a little outrageous but terribly fascinating was one about a kitty litter mask. I thought it was crazy at first, but then after getting all the fact I was sure this would be something for the budget conscious to try. Here's the link to the video.

Click Here

There is another video she posted about the aspirin mask. I tried it (sans honey or aloe vera). And boy was I surprised. I had just used my hair removal cream and had a little bit of a burning sensation and redness. So I left this aspirin mask on for 15 mintues as instructed and rinsed. It was amazing. My skin was brighter, softer, and there was no redness afterwards. It was gentle and totally inexpensive. I had aspirins here in the house. So I'll post that link to that video here as well.

Click Here

Hooray for Sephora

I ordered a few products from last week. And my shipment came in the other day. I'm excited about it. I'm trying to extend my beauty roots into the makeup industry. It's rather exciting. I'm sorry that I didn't do it earlier. I love beauty. And makeup as I've recognized definitely encompasses the ideal of beauty. So here's a pic of my little goodies. It's not much, but I think it'll do just fine for now.Let's see what I have here...The silver case contains a travel size brush set. It contains five brushes and a protective plastic flap to protect the brushes. The next item is basic black liquid eyeliner. I like this better than the pencil. It's a lot less work. Next is Sephora's Fresh Lip Gloss. It has a minty smell. And I love the sensation it gives me lips: fresh! :) Then I bought an eyelash curler/brow brush combo. the brush slide out of the bottom. It's super neat. I'll have to take more pics of this one. At the top right is a false eyelash set. It's just for fun at the moment. I like novelty. Lastly is the eyeshadow. I decided on pinks because they compliment my skintone.

There are some more items that I must purchase in the coming months. I would love to buy everything from Sephora, but the prices are a little out of my budget. The things I've purchased here ran me just under 60 dollars. But I thought they were well worth it considering the prices of other items on the site.

I'm looking at, Wal-Mart, and possibly again to obtain mroe stuff. And I've got a Mary Kay lady now. So I think I'm good. I will be posting some pics of my successes and failure with the things I get. So be sure to stay tuned.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Skin care

My skin has been turning against me lately, so I think it's time that I made some adjustments. here's my plan:
  • Get back on hair, skin, and nail vitamins
  • Purchase a exfoliating facial cleanser
  • Purchase a lighter moisturizer
  • Do a clay mask once a week
  • Purchase a daily facial cleanser
  • Purchase more toner
My skin hasn't really been on a regimen as of late. I just try to keep it clean and moisturized. And I haven't worn foundation or anything like that in months. So now I'm starting to believe that it's my diet. I'm going to have to start wearing a good sunblock as well. It'll have to be something with a high SPF so that my skin is fully protected.

I'm gonna do some searching online tonight and see what would work best for my skin type. I have a typically oily t-zone and the rest of my skin on my face is dry. So whatever I look for is going to have to be for combination skin. I'll be sure to post my findings. Until then, HHG!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Ok. So things are getting back to normal now. And so I'm ready to get back to normal as well. I have to admit that I've been going through some things that have caused me t not be taking the best care of my hair. But that little phase is over. I'm gonna have a husband soon. So I can't let myself walk around here lookin a hot mess. LOL

I'm doing a revamp on my regimen. I've already started shampoo washing less. And I'm going back to my growth serum. It's not just the amazing growth I get with it. I love the smell and the oils in it. They're really good for the scalp. And I'm having mild scalp dryness. Also, I am movig away from the braids. I don't like that. Braiding my hair a bit time consuming, but it holds moisture in longer, and I like the texture. Plus, it protects the hair from the sun ans wind damage of the winter.

My ends seem to be turning against me. But that's ok. My solution is going back to my baggies until I like what i see. They tend to be highly effective if I do this at least twice a week. The way I baggy is I add a good conditioner with some oils and let it sit over night. Then I conditioner wash the next day.

I've switched up on the prepoos as well. I'm going to try letting olive oil sit in my hair with a plastic cap overnight. Another options is to put the oil on witha plastic cap and go under my bonnet dryer for 30 minutes. This would really let the oils soak into my scalp. And then I could follow up with a a moisturizing shampoo and the whole deep condioning regimen.

That brings me to this. I've been so short on time lately that I've been deep conditioning my hair prior to washing. It's just as effective. I do this especially when I'm in a big hurry. I like to let the conditioner sit on my hair as long as a I can stand to wear the cap. And I try to do things around the house that cause make me work up a sweat. That way I feel the heat from my body under the cap. Then when I rinse I try to do a little detangling because it's so easy to do at this point.