Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Product Review

Okay...So I had to try another hair product. I'm such a junkie. LOL. I can't help it. This time it's another product from my favorite line...Pantene. It's the Moisture Replenishing Mask. It was just under 4 dollars at Wal-Mart. It has that classic Pantene smell. And the consistency is rich and creamy.

So let's talk about the steps I took before I used this product. First, I clarified my hair. I did this because I had build up and these types of products tend to work better on clarified hair. You get better results is what I mean. Then I shampooed with my TreSemme Smoothy and Silky shampoo. Then I did a conditioner wash with my Pantene Beautiful Lengths conditioner. At this point, I was silky. But I went ahead and used the Moisture Replenishing Mask. And that turned my hair into pure heaven. I couldn't believe how much slip it gave me. And I didn't have any frizziness whatsoever as my hair statrted to dry.

The hair mask is definitely a keeper. Even with my grade 4 hair, I got more than sufficient moisture. It's a beautiful thing. LOL. This is something else that I will add to my regimen. I was mixing up my own deep condtioner, but this has all of what I need. And it will save me money as well. And time. So yet again, Pantene shines through for me. I'm so happy.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pic and Product Review

Here is the picture of that new do I was talking about in my previous post

Ok...So now that I'm about 6-7 weeks post relaxer, my hair is going through some expected changes. The roots are a little rough. LOL. And that fresh relaxed luster is gone, but I'm still shining. The most noted change I noticed though is that I'm a little on the frizzy size. I expected that because it's winter time. That's part of the reason that I decided to do the French braids in the first place. I didn't want to to try and straighten my hair. I just decided that braiding would do well in maintaining the frizz and protect the hair even more.

I'm not stressing over the texture that my hair has though. I'm working with it by doing the braids. But that doesn't mean that I can't treat the frizz. Remember, if the hair is frizzy it's lacking something or may have too much of something. In my case, I'm thinking that I'm lacking moisture. So to treat this little issue, I purchased the Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Anti-Frizz Serum. I love this stuff. It goes on so easily. And it does exactly what it's supposed to do. It tames the hair without weighing it down. I will say this though. A little goes a little way. So be careful not to over do it. And work it into the hair (especially the ends) really well. And then just style. It's a definite staple for me this winter.
The thickness of my hair is amazing. The only thing is that it tends to get a little tanlged when when I'm doing my scalp massages. So I go for my trusty Pantene detangler/conditioning mist. I put this directly on the roots. Then, I finger comb and go through with my shower comb. And then all is well and good. And I'll continue to do this until I start using my serum again next month.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Style

Hello again ladies. Sorry again for the hiatus, but I've been mucho busy. LONG STORY. LOL. But in the midst of all this, I've been thinking about my hair. How could I not? It's on my head. I touch it all the time. LOL. At any rate, I'm tired of my bun. Well...more like I got tired of it. So I'm trying a new style right now. It's just a step up. But it's still a protective style nonetheless. I'm doing two French braids on either side of my head. And I pin the bottoms up with French barrettes. I'll post a pic tomorrow or Friday when it's freshly done. It's really cute. It's modest, neat, easy to do, and quick. Perfect for me. Did I mention that it looks good with virtually every outfit? :)

The state of my hair is surprising me as the months get colder. It seems to be better able to retain moisture. I have been putting enough of it on there. Trust me. I use the Pantene detangler/moisturizing spray on my roots after I massage my growth serum on my scalp. The reason I do this is to make detangling my hair easier. My ends aren't the tangled issue. It's that mass next to my scalp. So it's a great thing. To moisturize, I'm still using the combination of my Wave Nouveau and Pantene Silk Transformation Creme. And I'm sealing with amla because I'm out of coconut oil. I haven't had time to head over to the health store and get some. But I will eventually. So overall, I'm not angry at my hair right now. I noticed that it's not growing as fast as it was, but that's seasonal. The length is coming in, but just a bit slower because of the cold.
My ends still need a little work, but they aren't so bad. They've been dusted recently anyway.

I'm still so loyal to my growth serum. But I wanted to try an experiment. The two weeks that I didn't use my serum when I was preparing for a relaxer, I thought about only using it for a month at a time on a bi-monthly basis. I'm not sure why, but I'm anxious to try it. So after I shampoo my hair tomorrow (clarify and the whole nine), I'll be putting away the serum for a month. One plus is that I won't have to co wash as often. But I really don't mind having to do that anyway. It's good to co wash. But I'll see what happens. I will go back to it though.

I'm so excited about getting married everybody. It's just been consuming me and all my time. I'm looking for that perfect dress and dresses for my bridesmaids. I'm going through every little detail. It may seem far way, but a year or even less is what it's looking like now. So I've got to get on the ball. There are so many details. I had no idea. And I'm getting ready to go back another semester. So everything is just crazy. But I'm loving every second of it. Soon the chaos will be over and I'll be able to laugh about it later.