Monday, September 8, 2014

Bite Beauty Honey Lip Laquer Review

I'm addicted to lip gloss.  The tubes are all over the place.  The purse, the make up bags, storage containers. The obsession is too real.  So on my quest I picked up an item that was recommended by a Sephora staff member.  It's Bite Beauty Honey Lip Laquer.  I was looking for something more nude, so I got Dolcetto which is a peachy pink.  It's lovely

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The texture is exactly as it sounds.  The same thickness as honey.  This is an all natural product that actually contains honey (and it's pretty tasty too).  Even though it is on the thicker side, it applies quite smoothly.  It's luxurious and smells so nice.  I just love it.

This has become my go-to lip for moisturizing and color in one.  The size is perfect, it matches whatever makeup I may (or may not) be wearing....It's great stuff.  It was a bit on the expensive side at about $24, but you don't have to use much to get the desired effect.  So you're using less.  It's also great for the skin.  No parabens, sulfates, or other ingredients that aren't that great for the lips.

I would highly recommend this gloss for everyday use and to help improve the health of the lips in general. Fall and winter are just around the corner, and this would be a great product to keep on hand to stop those dry, chapped lips and still get the hint of color and glamour.