Thursday, January 19, 2012

Conditioner Bliss, Kind Of....

I finally got a chance to try the Silk Elements deep conditioner that I purchased a little while ago. And I must say that I'm impressed on some fronts and not so much on others.

This conditioner is creamy, smells wonderful, and is genuinely a good price for what it does. I loved the way it aided in detangling my several weeks post relaxer hair. However, I didn't get that slip I was looking for. I don't know if it's because my hair is so thick and well overdue for a relaxer or if I was not applying it correctly.

I will say this... The compliments far outweigh the complaints. As I said before, it detangled my hair very nicely, and I didn't see much shed at all after using it. Shedding is a bit terrifying when stretching. Overall, I am happy with it. Perhaps this product is more suited for hair that isn't so far gone, or I need to find another method for application. Either way, I'm not going to give up yet. I think this one has the potential to be a winner. :)

I plan to do an application of this product over the weekend like I would a relaxer going from root to tip, covering with a plastic cap, and sitting under my bonnet dryer for about 15 minutes. I'm certain it will yield impressive results.