Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sampling Before Committing

While I don't see myself participating in another Black Friday ever again, I can't say that it was totally fruitless.  I made a stop at Sephora because I couldn't resist and picked up a few items.  I had a theme though.  I don't want to be stuck with expensive products, so I did everything on a small scale.  I got trial size items except for the nail stickers.

This is waterproof makeup remover.  You can't have enough makeup remover if you are wear eye shadow and eye liner on a regular basis.  This little bottle was about 6 or 7 dollars.
This is a set by Too Faced that contains a lot of goodies and makes a perfect gift or stocking stuffer.  It includes mascara, eye shadow primer, plumpling lip gloss, lip primer, and face primer.  This a good starter and gives gives the opportunity to sample something before you buy it.  This retails for about 22 dollars which is about the same price as just one of these items.  These are all mini sized items.
The last item is really trendy right now.  These are nail art patches.  These retail for about 7 dollars for one application.  This particular print is called "Chinese Blossom".  This is another item that would make a great gift or stocking stuffer.

I'll try to get some reviews of these items up as soon as possible.  I hope that you all had a happy Thanksgiving and continue to do so into the rest of the holiday season. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Computer Love...It's Not What You Think

I am so glad to have my computer back.  She was sick, but the guys at PCWarehouse came right on through and made her better.  It was agony not being able to do virtually anything.  It think it would be messed up to compare it to losing a limb, but that's how I felt about it.

I do have a product that I want to review today.  It's the Buxom Big and Healthy Lips Polish.  It was free because I used my beauty points with another purchase.  That's always a plus.  And the sample size is deluxe, so that sweetens the pot.  :)

Where do I begin....  I wasn't paying attention to the box when I chose it.  It was more like a split second decision.  And who turns down free lip gloss?  NOT me!  At any rate, I was excited because I had never tried anything from the Buxom line which I've heard so many great things about.

The fact of the matter is that this is a plumping gloss.  Every tried one of those before?  Well, I haven't.  And boy, was I in for a shocker.  I glided it over my lips and rubbed it in.  They were instantly soft and supple.  I was in love with it.  Then a few moments later, my mouth suddenly felt funny.  It was tingling.  Then it was a little sting.  Then my lips felt like I put mentholated rub on them.

I'm not used to plumpers.  I have naturally full lips, so it's not anything I've ever looked in to.  Eventually the sensation did go away or I didn't notice it anymore.  I kept using it throughout the day to adjust myself to the sensation.  It seems to have worked.  It's still a little intense when first applied, but I actually like it.  Beauty is pain, you know...

BTW, I'm not sure if it actually plumps the lips.  I'm such an airhead that I forgot to look in the mirror to see. Oh well.  Just give it try.  It's a great moisturizer.  I like it so much that I would consider buying it in the future.  Plus it retails for only 10 dollars.  You can't beat that for the work that it does.