Monday, December 5, 2016

Bumblewood Soap Review

This past Saturday was International Lolita Day.  For those that are curious, just Google it and Lolita Fashion for more information.  I am so excited about soap, and I don't want to get side tracked.

At any rate, my friends and I stopped into a local shop called Pretty+Planned.  It's a lovely shop. We were lured in by a sign that read "Pretty things inside", and they delivered.  It was a shop dedicated mostly to weddings, but they happened to carry some nice skincare items.

Being a soapaholic, I picked up a bar of soap from a company called Bumblewood Handmade.  I decided on the Apple Pie bar because it is a holiday exclusive, and I am all about that holiday spirit.
As the name suggest, it smells just like a fresh baked apple pie, right down to the spices.  Delicioso. It lathers nicely and makes you feel squeaky clean without drying out the skin.  I have my eyes on a few other scents and products I would like to try from this company.  I love how they combine rustic and pretty.  It's highly appealing.

I paid $8.00 for this bar which I feel is a fair price.  One must remember that handmade soaps are expensive to produce and are considered a luxury item. It is indulgent and carefully crafted with love. It is not a massed produced item that you can just purchase from a your local department store. This soap is special. :)

If you would like to try this bar or any other items offered by this company, please click the link below.

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