Sunday, November 13, 2016

Changes...Lots of Changes

It has been forever!  And rather than bore, I want to do a short update.  So here it goes.  I have decided to go natural.  I am only about 6 months post relaxer bur managing it well.
I am still obsessed with beauty products.
I am still on a journey for longer, healthier hair.  It just took me some time to figure out some things about myself.  30 came and went, and so did some enlightenment.  So here I am, loving me, living life and doing just fine.
I would like to talk about my current regimen.  It's not product heavy for a reason.  I am over being a product junkie.  It's a waste of money, honestly.  I am a sticking to something that works for my hair and helps me keep my sanity as I transition.  Today though, I will just be covering the shampoo portion.

I have a method to my madness.  I alternate between shampoo and co wash creme with one clarifying wash a month.  The reason for this is due to my frequent oil treatments whether it be for a scalp massage or keeping my scalp dandruff free. My hair is thick as well, so I use a decent amount of product.  All this has to come out and co washing isn't sufficient for total product build up removal. This is what 4 weeks of hair washing looks like for me:

Week 1: clarifying wash with clarifying shampoo
Week 2: Co wash with co wash creme
Week 3:shampoo wash with moisturizing shampoo
Week 4: co wash with co wash creme

Then I repeat.  It may seem crazy, but it works for me.
Here are the products I use:
This shampoo is free of parabens, sulfates, and other harsh detergents.  It does still remove build up like a dream.  I picked mine up from Sally for $6.99.
This is so much more than a conditioner. It gently removes debris from the hair and is gentle on the scalp.  It's affordable and easily accessible as it is sold at Dollar General for about $5.50
This shampoo is incredibly moisturizing.  It is not all natural, but it cleans without stripping my hair. The price is right as well at $4.99 for a large bottle.  It's a good staple item.  It is not paraben or sulfate free, but my hair likes it.

I will be back with information my current conditioning regimen.

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