Thursday, November 24, 2016

Etude House

I love beauty products.  I like sampling something from all over the globe when I can. It's an adventure of sorts.  Different ingredients and fragrances make taking care of m outside that much more fun.  This time, I wanted to try some Korean beauty products.  Etude House is widely popular, and the packaging is alluring.

I had been eyeing some products from Etude House for a little while and finally purchased them.  I must say that I'm rather impressed by the quality.  I will do a short review of each item.
Etude House Berry Delicious Strawberry Body Soft Milk

I am in love with this.  It spreads easily and is absorbed into the skin easily.  The scent last quite awhile.  My only complaint is how runny it is.  It's less cream, and definitely more milk.  This a actually a benefit though.  I just don't like how messy the cap can get, but I can live with that.  It does a great job on my dry skin.  Especially my hands. I plan to buy this in bulk at some point.  It's quite nice.  I got this on eBay for right under $10.

Etude Hose Belle Dress Pretty Look Shower Cologne

There are actually several scents from this line.  This is just the one that I decided to try first.  Not only is the packaging cute, but the smell is intoxicating.  It almost smells like Pure Seduction by Victoria's Secret, but sweeter and a tad lighter.  It is my personal opinion that perhaps the scent would last longer if I had used all the items from the line, but it does well.  I will be trying all the others. This is an older release, so eBay or Amazon are your friend.  I found mine on eBay for just under $9.

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